Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Magic Room

When you are engaged, I think one of the most magical moments of the planning process is when you find your wedding gown.  Most brides have that moment - when you put it on, and you feel like a princess - and you know it's the one.  This was my moment:

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures and shiny forehead.  Anyhoo, when you've found that special dress, and your mom is crying and your BFFs are snapping pictures, the bridal salon, if they are a good one, will have a very special spot for you to admire yourself.  It has a pedestal, soft lighting, full-length mirrors, and a bouquet for you to hold.  The "Magic Room."  Oh, so magical.

So when I was asked to review the new book The Magic Room: A Story About The Love We Wish For Our Daughters, by Jeffry Zaslow, well, I just about p-ooped myself.  (And yes, I need to spell that p-oop, because it may be a fact that some of the searches leading folks to this blog contain the phrase "and then I p-ooped myself."  Perhaps I've used that one too often).

Back to the book.  I loved this book so much that when I received it, I sat myself down on the couch and didn't get up until it was finished.  It chronicles the history of Becker's Bridal, a fourth-generation bridal salon in Fowler, Michigan that has been run by Becker women since 1934.  Zaslow tells the story of the Becker family, but more than that, he tells the story of families who have come through Becker's Bridal, and had their special moments in the Magic Room.

I loved this book on so many levels.  I loved it because it reminded me of my own special moments in the Magic Room.  I loved it because it reminded me of why I love working with brides through Kate Said Yes.  But more than anything, I loved it because, well, it's all  Love that brides have for their grooms.  Love that brides have for their families.  But most of all, the love that parents have for their daughters.  The wishes that moms and dads have for their little girls.  Dreams for their weddings.  Thoughts about walking them down the aisle.  Hopes for their future sons-in law.  Not being a parent, I hadn't really thought about that very much.  But somehow, this book flipped that switch for me.  What if I have a little girl?  What will she look like on her wedding day?  What kind of love do I wish for her life?  What traits would I like her husband to have?  And, well, that's when the waterworks start...

...because I'm pretty sure some people have already thought these things about me...

And now I really, really appreciate that.

Read The Magic Room.  Read it, and then give it to your mom.

Learn more about The Magic Room here:

Full disclosure: Indeed, I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but you know me, and all opinions expressed here are my own.  I wouldn't tell you that I like something if I don't!  And you all know how I love a good read that makes me weepy.


  1. Jeffrey he the guy who cowrote, "The Last Lecture"? I will read, "The Magic Room"! I loved, "Theodora". You lent that to me. So, I know I'll like this one too. I hope you know what mothers want for their sons, too. For my Nicky, I wanted you!!! And, my wish came true!

  2. Can't remember if I told you already, but I sobbed BUCKETS reading, "The Magic Room". Most of my tears were due to the stories and personal histories in the book. All my other tears were shed for Zaslow's wife, and especially for his daughters. He won't be there to walk them down the aisle, but at least through this book, they'll be reminded of his love for each of them.