Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Weeks

Dear Little Bug,

If I was sad when you turned double-digit days, here we are at double-digit weeks!  This week was a cuddle week - a case of the sniffles landed us at the doctor's office twice (hello, first-time parents!), and we reverted to taking all naps on Mommy (again) and waking up every hour (again).  It's two steps forward, two steps back around here.  But that's okay.

Last week we had your two-month appointment, and your first vaccination.  You didn't even cry!  That is - you didn't cry until we put you in the car, and then you screamed like the world was ending.  Good times.  In happier news, you have a new-found love of tummy-time, and you're starting to push yourself up.  Holding your head up on your own is old news, and playing airplane with Daddy is your new favorite game.  Actually, playing anything with Daddy is your favorite, and he can get smiles and laughs out of you like no one else can.  To prove your love of Mommy, however, you left a giant poop on my side of the bed.  Thanks a bunch for that.
Last weekend you met your Godfather and one half of your Godfamily (is that a word?  I think it should be).  You were such a good boy!  We even went out to brunch!  At a real restaurant!  With you!  And there was no crying!  Mommy and Daddy had some serious fears, but we were convinced by everyone else that it would be okay, and it was.  You even sat in the carseat while everyone ate, and you laughed the whole time!  Such a big boy, I think you're starting to figure this whole outside-world thing out.  Don't worry, it's really not that scary.

What is scary, though, is what Mommy looks like after three nights in a row when you wake up every hour.  Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  That's okay.  You make up for it in cuteness.  But seriously now.  Please sleep.


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  1. Cole seems to be flicking everyone off. Is the guy in the picture allowed to be around children? Just saying.