Thursday, April 3, 2014

30 Weeks

Dear Bug,

Tonight Daddy had to work late, so we took our time with dinner and bath.  First you ate butternut squash, then you ate pears, and then you ate banana.  Except I just cut up the banana and placed it on your tray, hoping that you would try and pick it up with your fingers.  Instead, you mashed them and pushed them around and played with them.  Not one bit made it into your mouth from your hands.  Shocking, considering you put everything you can touch in there.  You also decided to take your finished bowl of squash and pears and wear it as a hat.  Needless to say, when we were finished you were literally up to your shoulders in food. 
We headed upstairs to have an early bath, and the sun was still shining through the bathroom window.  You sat on your bottom for the first time, instead of your bath-seat, grabbing bubbles from under the water.  So much fun for such a little boy.  I hit my hand on the surface of the water and said, "Splash!"  You laughed, so I did it again.  Then you did it, and again I said, "Splash!"  And then began the game of splash, first me, then you, back and forth, and you laughed every time you heard me say, "Splash!" Your face was so sweet, and your eyelashes looked so long and dark.  I thought to myself that I wanted to remember this exact moment, this evening with you, forever.  Sticky banana fingers, long damp eyelashes, giggles and splashing in the tub, after bath cuddles.  When we read our books on the floor after bath, you rolled onto your tummy and leaned on your elbows, listening to your stories and looking like such a big kid. 

In two days you will be seven months old.  Yesterday you started pushing up onto your knees.  You're cutting a new tooth.  Next week you'll probably start asking to drive the car.  No matter how old you are, you will always be my sweet baby, splashing in the tub for the first time, with dark long eyelashes and a silly, toothy grin.  I love you and every single second I get to spend with you.


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  1. Look at that smile and that determination. You will always be my little snugglebug, no matter how big you get.

    Grammie loves you!